Sightseeing in France

Today there are many destinations available for sightseeing and visiting a large number of regions. In France for example, very popular places such as the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysées or Notre Dame Cathedral are to be discovered. In order to know other interesting destinations, browse this article until the end. Fabulous Destinations Nowadays, tourists love to visit France because of many factors such as the gastronomy or the great places. Therefore, there are many attractive places such as... See more

Tourism, a promising sector ?

Today, several sectors of activity are booming and offer exceptional openings and opportunities for those who practice them. It is for example tourism. Do you want to know more about this promising sector and the opportunities it offers today? You are welcome. Let’s discover together the privileges that this sector offers. No Room for Unemployment With 1 million employees, this sector is very dynamic and has undergone profound changes linked to the Internet. New professions have emerged ar... See more

Know All About Tourism

Today, the importance and impact of tourism on the development of a country are well known. In reality, the term tourism encompasses a whole lot of other concepts that are sometimes difficult to discern since it is not only about travel and vacations. Let’s find out a little more about it through this article. The Different Forms of Tourism Tourism includes all the activities and exchanges carried out by visitors who stay away from their usual living environments.  Contrary to what people... See more

Tourism promotion

The tourism promotion aims at the diffusion of a tourist destination. That is to say, to carry out actions (both online and offline) in order to make a place known. To do this, it is important to set the promotional objectives, that is, how we want the tourist to perceive our destination. It is also important to take into account both the economic investment and the time needed to achieve the desired results. From the promotion entity to the management entity Previously, tourism promotion was in... See more

Tourism and employment

A lot happens between the time we start planning a trip and the time we return from vacation. We do research to see what is the best time to travel, we book transportation and accommodation, we plan our itinerary, we travel to the destination, we spend unforgettable days visiting the places, we eat the typical food, we buy souvenirs for family and friends and finally we get ready to come back to reality and start dreaming about our next trip. Have you ever thought about all the people who helped... See more